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You're here because you also believe the most authentic form of engagement is face-to-to face interaction with other people

  • Simplify face-to-face meetings
  • Maximize collaboration
  • Enhance interactions
  • Help people build relationships

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Calendars tell people when you're busy

OpenTime tells people when you're free

Other apps allow anyone in the world to see your availability

OpenTime gives you complete control over who can see your available time

Other apps don't verify identity

OpenTime only allows verified members to schedule meetings

With other apps, you have no idea who scheduled a meeting with you

OpenTime lets you know exactly who you're meeting

With other apps, you could miss your chance to meet a rock star

OpenTime notifies you when your rock star is available

Running my ideas by seasoned mentors has proven instrumental to Narify's progress. OpenTime lets me quickly schedule these meetings without a headache so I can get back to launching my startup.

Aaron Kelton

Founder, Narify

It's like LinkedIn in real life

Co-working space member, The DEC

10 times better than the last mentor scheduling tool.

Jason Osburn

UX Consultant, Founder, DUO
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