About Us

What we believe

On the surface OpenTime might look like just another scheduling software tool that you might have come across while surfing the web, but it's not. And the reason is that  there is more to our existence than just being a utility.


You see at our core we believe that people should make time for people. We know, this sounds really woo woo and utopic but this is who we are. We believe that there is nothing more important in life than time and people. And if you ever speak to us, which you’re always welcome to do, you will find that we live for what we do.


There's a reason people get on airplanes to close deals and why people hold hands when they're married. There's no substitute for being there. You have probably found this to be true is many areas of your life. Our goal is to restore the balance between the time spent interacting with people online and the time spent with people in real life.


We're not against technology. In fact, we are a technology company! We just believe, like all things, technology should be used in moderation. In our research we have found 53% of people in the US don't spend as much time with people as they want and 51% spend more time on social media than they want. We are working to restore the balance.


Whether it is for a business associate, person in need of advice, your doctor, a collegue, or long lost friend we think making time for people starts in small ways and will significantly improve your life.


Now we know that according to ‘best practices’ an about us page should be about the company and not about the audience, but we believe so strongly in what we do that we have a request for you. After you’re done reading this we ask that you take a minute to think about making time for someone this week. And if you’re open to sharing we’d love to hear anything interesting that has happened to you when you’ve made time for people. 


Our mission

We create a more meaningful human experience by helping people spend more time with other people in person. Unlike technology such as social media and virtual reality, our software connects people in a way technology cannot ever replace; face-to-face.


Our mantra

Make time for people